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Early in 1963 a group of lacrosse enthusiasts determined New Westminster would be an appropriate location for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
With the blessing of the City Council, the interested parties applied to the Canadian Lacrosse Association for a charter in 1964.
Selection committees were appointed in both the East and West to name the charter members. The committees met in Montreal on January 19, 1966, and 48 founding members were inducted.
Since then, a steady flow of historical and championship pictures, famous lacrosse player’s sticks, sweaters, plaques, medals and trophies have been donated for display.

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Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

This in the main site of the Canadian Lacrosse. Hall of Fame and Museum. The CLHOF is located in the Anvil Centre, New Westminster,BC, Canada.



This site features stories and anecdotes about the people, events, places and things Lacrosse across time - past, present and future.

Power's Bible of Lacrosse

The CLHOf is proud to keep the memory and life's work of Larry "Wamper" Power not just alive but vibrant and ever growing.

Bible of Lacrosse

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Hall of Fame

The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame, chartered in 1964, honours Players, Builders and Teams through an Annual Induction Process.
Induction of new members is made to preserve the memory of stars of yesteryear


The CLHOF is more than a repository of names and photos of our greatest players, builders and teams; it is also the keeper of our national summer sport's history. The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame honours the tradition of lacrosse from its very roots, with displays honouring the First Nations through exhibits showing the game's transition into modern life.


The CLHOF maintains a physical archive in New Westminster with our Museum but is increasingly digitising our holdings.
Since the relaunch of "Power's Bible of Lacrosse" we have been adding much of our digitised archive records to that web site - an "Archive for the Rest of Us."