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Dave Stewart-Candy is a resident of Surrey, British Columbia. Starting in May 2000, he has spent the past twenty years researching the statistical history of lacrosse, with a focus on the previously-undocumented 1882-1931 period when field lacrosse was the primary and popular version of the game in British Columbia.

He has been a member of the board of governors and an historian for the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in New Westminster, British Columbia since July 2012.

Beginning in 2002, he has compiled the Canadian Lacrosse Almanac as an annual compendium of league standings and history covering Canada, the United States of America, and overseas. Initially printed in April 2002 as a 102-page softcover book with a print-run of 200 copies, the Canadian Lacrosse Almanac was inspired by sports writer Jim Hendy and his pioneering work The Hockey Guide which first hit the shelves in 1933 and remained in yearly production until 1951.

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Stan Shillington is an Honoured Member of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Stan has been involved in every aspect of the game but where he made his greatest contribution was in the area of statistics. 

He researched the newspapers back to 1932 and compiled a complete record of every box lacrosse player at the senior level.