Down Memory Lane

Re-live some of the greatest moments of past seasons and recall memories of the great and notable people of the game with a trip down memory lane with Stan Shillington.

Stan Shillington is an Honoured Member of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame

Stan has been involved in every aspect of the game but where he made his greatest contribution was in the area of statistics. 

He researched the newspapers back to 1932 and compiled a complete record of every box lacrosse player at the senior level.

Ontario-born Jack Bionda was just a smidgen shy of his nineteenth birthday in 1952 when he first visited British Columbia. And, my oh my, what and impression he made. With Bionda's scoring prowess wreaking havoc against all comers, Brampton Excelsiors breezed past St. Catharines and Winnipeg on the road to the Minto Cup finals in British Colum...
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The basement workshop was an incredible sea of clutter - tools hanging on the wall, more on the workbench, strands of leather draped over nearby hooks, tubs of resin on the floor below a glue pot and an armful of skeletal lacrosse sticks stacked in the corner awaiting the master's touch.Multi-thousands of sick, broken and bent lacrosse sticks found...
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It was New Years Eve, Mardi Gras and Armistice Day all rolled into one. Jubilant crowds snaked down the main thoroughfare of the city, a huge bonfire set in front of the main transportation station sparked high into the sky, bystanders cheered as participants. A riot? No way! It was a party - the spontaneous outburst of New Westminster pride after ...
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